Day 49 – “Girl you can’t be fixed, just take this”

Some random month of May highlights I haven’t touched on yet:

Turned 37 on the 24th. Yay. Feeling too old to not have my fucking shit together yet.

My uncle died on the 24th. That’s a mix of guilt, relief (the man was suffering from cancer), more depression and sadness.

Fighting and crying constantly with my other half. He’s really trying and doing the best he can, as he does understand (TBI/post concussion syndrome) but part of me just wants him to bail so I can just be alone.

The new meds causing appetite increase and weight gain, which is probably the worst side effect I could get. I mean, I can’t look in a full length mirror on a good day.

My insurance company caseworker is a terrible human being. Even my doctor was appalled by her inappropriate treatment.

Christ, I don’t have it in me today.

Bebe Rexha gets the title credit.