Day 5 – ‘I’m all lost in the supermarket’

Mom came to see me yesterday.

I’d told her via text that I’d gone to the doctor’s and come home with a depression diagnosis and was planning to take time off work to recover.

That was Friday evening, after my disasterous assumption I could get better and still work full time. I’d gone in for the closing shift and after 4 hours and a breakdown in the office, my ASM had to drive me home since I couldn’t reach my other half and I wasn’t physically or mentally fit to get home by myself.

She was supportive in her reply and asked permission to visit me on Sunday. This may sound rather formal, especially considering we live 20 min from each other but no one in my family likes to express their feelings unless it involves alcohol or years of bottled up emotions erupting, spewing bitterness and regret like black ash darkening the skies.

I didn’t know how to react when she came over. She found me in my new usual position – curled up on couch, legs tucked under, and my right arm under my pillow while I tried to watch something on Netflix.

She asked me why I hadn’t talked to her about how badly I was depressed.  And I couldn’t give her a real reason. We have a strained relationship on a good day. She wanted to know the severity of my despair and if there was a specific incident or a trigger that caused my depression. I told her there wasn’t, that the cloud had been hanging over my head for over a year.

Mom cried when I said I had/wanted to kill myself. That’s part of my struggle in admitting it, I think. The guilt you feel when you say it out loud to someone who loves you. And you see the misery it causes.

She offered to pick up some groceries for us, since my fiancé hadn’t had a chance to run errands and I sure as fuck hadn’t been feeling up to it. I decided to go as I hadn’t left the house in a few days and if I got overwhelmed Mom had my list and I could go wait in the car for her to finish.

I also wanted to go because I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to eat. It’s been very difficult over the past 2 weeks to find food that is actually appetizing. Or that looked like real food and not squirming bugs.

My doctor said I wasn’t having hallucinations, but that the part of my brain affected by the serotonin imbalance also was the cause of some eating disorders (this actually made so much sense – in highschool, when I first struggled with depression I stopped eating more than 1 meal a day and rice or noodles looked like larvae).

We made it about half way through  Freshco before we got into the soup aisle. And I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make a decision. Trying to choose between tomato and butternut squash was just too fucking hard in that moment. I felt like everyone was watching me and they thought I was a freak. Then I started crying and hyperventilating.

Mom, thankfully calmed me down. “Just put your sunglasses on, sweetie.” She told me. ” I searched my vest pockets, coming up empty. “They’re on your head.” She added.

I made it another 10 min wandering store with my glasses glued to my red face and then we waited in line to cash out. I bagged, Mom paid (thankfully). She loaded up her SUV and she took me home. She’d purchased enough items to ensure I wouldn’t have to go back anytime soon.

I managed to eat a bowl of soup and some saltines today. Along with a handful of peanut butter m&m’s and dill pickle mini rice cakes.

It’s more than I’ve had in weeks.

Small victories, I guess.

Today’s entry title is from The Clash. You should give them a listen if you haven’t before.



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